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The Carr Manor has started the application process for Leeds certification in their ongoing plan to maximize the building's energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly hotels means that guests work together with owners to create safer stays, and have less impact on our limited natural resources and landscapes.

Energy Efficiency

The building was renovated in 2004 and 2005, and all of the existing windows were replaced with Marvin replacement windows made with Thermo Payne glass. A new gas boiler was installed that meets the Energy Star requirements, and the existing steam radiators unused in over 30 years were retrofitted to hot water.

The entire west side of the building is heated now with hydronics heat. The attic was insulated with Owens Corning R-47 Insulation.

The east side of the building, once heated with inefficient electric baseboard units, was fully retrofitted with Hydro-Sil’s new generation of advanced, low-cost heating technology. Hydro-Sil is a self-contained, hydronic, individual room heating system that saves energy and saves hundreds of dollars in heating costs.


The Hydro-Sil heating system gives Carr Manor, safe, healthful and economical floor-to-ceiling warmth. About half of the Manor is fitted with permanently installed baseboard models wired into Manor’s electrical system.


Carr Manor is the first commercial building in Cripple Creek to install a major Solar system. In 2009, the Manor installed a 10,000 watt solar array on the south side of the 8:12 pitch roof that is not visible to public on this historic building. The cost of the system was about $85,000, and approximately one half of the system was paid for by Black Hills Energy, the local electric provider. In addition over 90% of the lighting in the building is done with CFL’s [Compact Florescent lights] and the Manor is investigating incrementally using the latest technology in LED lighting with bulb life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Since installing the Solar system and energy efficient lighting the Carr Manor energy needs and electric bills have been reduced by over 50%.

Water Savings

Can you imagine the number of towels and bedding which have been used only once that have to be washed every day in all the hotels in the world? Can you imagine how many millions of gallons of water and tons of detergent hotels and motels use to clean bedding and sheets every single day? One answer to these costly environmental dilemmas is for hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts all over the world to ask their guests to consider using towels and bedding more than once. Almost none of us wash towels after one use or change sheets every day at home, and we must understand what that frivolous waste at a hotel does to our planet. At Carr Manor we take saving the environment seriously. Our standard plan is to change bed sheets and towels every third day; however we do offer you the option to have your bedding and towels cleaned daily. To save water and energy, our standard plan is implemented less you advise us otherwise

Save the Soap

Thousands of tons of slightly-used bar soap is discarded each day by hotels around the world. A usable product is being wasted and filling our already burdened landfills.

Bar soap is one amenity offered by hotels that is in actuality all but mandatory. The reason that hotels feel they must offer bar soaps is because travel associations such as AAA and Mobil set requirements for hotels listed in their guidebooks. The hotels want the business that the guidebooks bring, so they offer bar soap and other amenities as required for the diamond or star level at which they operate. For instance, if a hotel chooses to reach AAA's Three Diamond level, they must offer "two bars of soap greater than 3/4 oz." in each guest bath.

Any used bars of soap are, unfortunately, usually discarded by the housekeeper. Every conceivable idea has been batted about as to how to make use of these discards. Some of the ideas for making use of used bars of soap include making it into liquid soap by chopping it or flaking it and soaking in water. The soap can also be given to homeless shelters, or carried to less fortunate countries to be given away. The bars can be used in crafts projects to make carvings. However, none of these ideas make use of more than a tiny percentage of the tons of bar soap discarded every day.

The simplest, most obvious answer to this problem has clearly been overlooked. Gary and Wini Ledford  ask our guests to take the partially used soap home. We are particularly proud of the amenities we provide, so help us stop the waste and take these delightful amenities home and use them there. Help save our one and only Earth and all our valuable resources.

Non Smoking - Clean Air

We are a non-smoking facility, making for a cleaner stay. Guests who do smoke, must do so outside the building. There is a $500 per day charge for those guests who smoke anywhere in the building.

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