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The Ledford's connection to Cripple Creek.

Gary and Wini Ledford, the owners and innkeepers of the Carr Manor Boutique Hotel Bed and Breakfast of Cripple Creek, have been residents of Cripple Creek since 2003.

Before moving to Colorado, they were living in Apple Valley, California. Wini grew up in Apple Valley, where her family owned one of the largest integrated turkey ranches in the western United States. Her mother Francis Boynton Winkler moved to Apple Valley around 1919, and purchased a guest ranch, which she and her husband operated for Hollywood notables. Along with her Aunt Katherine Boynton, who also purchased the Yucca Loma Ranch two miles away, the ranchers became very well known in the early years.

The Ledfords had recently sold their development business in Apple Valley, where they had developed a Master Planned Retirement Community on Wini's family ranch. When they first moved here, they purchased a home that had been originally owned by George and Emma Carr, who were some of the first discoverers of Gold in Cripple Creek. This house was a typical Victorian home. They set out to renovate it, and found that with retirement they needed something else to do.

On election day in 2003, the Mayor of Cripple Creek at the time told Gary of the opportunity to acquire the old Cripple Creek High School. The next day after meeting with the owner, a deal was struck and the planning effort went into effect. The Ledfords had built eight model homes in Apple Valley, so they had a significant head start as to how to furnish the building.

In February 2004, the transaction closed on the Cripple Creek Hotel that had been operated by the Heiliger family for nearly 20 years. They had renovated the east side of the building into 12 rooms. Over the time the rooms needed a full restoration and the Ledfords focused the first 106 days on taking the rooms to bare walls and conducting a full restoration and renovation of all of those rooms, transforming them into historic theme rooms and fully modernizing them.

Up until this time Gary and Wini did not know the Boynton history in Cripple Creek. As it turned out Winifield Scott Boynton was the sheriff of El Paso County from 1894 to 1898. During that time his brother Frank Boynton was his deputy; they were also builders in Cripple Creek. Frank's wife Catherine was a local doctor. All of a sudden the Ledfords found that Wini had historical roots in the City. With two Carr families and Carr Avenue named after one – the logical conclusion for a name was "Carr Manor".

Finding a theme for the building was an easy task, as in 1905 Ralph Carr graduated from the school. He made his mark in the history of Colorado as its governor from 1939 to 1943. Of interest is that Frank and Catherine Boynton's son Carl also graduated from the school in 1905 with Ralph Carr.

The Inn was opened on Memorial Day in 2004 and operated until January 2, 2005, when it was closed for another five months for restoration of the rest of the building. Most of the rest of the building was in its original condition, so more extensive renovations and rebuilding were required to bring it to the luxury boutique hotel that you see today.

When you come to stay with us, you will also be greeted by ourselves our gracious staff and Innkeepers who love this historic building as much as we do. Our family's primary objective for all of our guests is to make them feel at home.