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Health & Fitness

Nestled into a portion of one our historic classrooms is a small fitness area, providing for that time away from home when you still need to stay fit. Exercise equipment, weights, TV... and when you are finished with that thought – how about pampering yourself with a massage from one of our therapists?

Massage Therapy is available at a cost of $70 per person per hour (not including tip). The inn requires at least 48 hour advance notice to schedule a massage with one of our on call therapists. Once scheduled, the charge is non-refundable.

Your massage may include one or all of the following types of massage depending on your individual needs:
1. Swedish - Soft and gentle movements - increases circulation and promotes deep relaxation.

2. Therapeutic - firm and specific - helps with flexibility, decreases muscle tightness and is excellent for reducing tenderness.

3. Sports Massage - Sports specific muscle therapy that enhances performance as well as accelerating muscle recovery after exertion. Great after a hike in Muller State Park or along the trails in Victor to see the mines.